Sustainable Development Committee

Ennoconn (the company) board of directors approved of establishing the sustainable development committee (the committee) on 06/23/2022 to promote the function of our board of directors and enhance the corporate governance and implement the social responsibility.

We also set up the four divisions affiliate to the committee, include aspects of Environment Protection, Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, and Green Business.

The board of directors appointed the Chairman Chu, Fu-Chuan, Independent Director Su, Yu-Hui, Independent Director Zhan, Xin-Yi, Independent Director Wen, Miao-Xin, President Tsai, Neng-Chi as the committee members.

The company held the first sustainable development committee on October 31, 2022, and the conclusions of the meeting were submitted to the board of directors on November 10,2022.

The BODs’ supervision of sustainable development

The board of directors of the company regularly listens to the report of the sustainable development committee (including ESG report) every six months, and reviews the sustainable development strategy, guidelines, goals and action plans and gives adjustment suggestions for the management team to make adjustments.

The company will convene the Sustainability Committee on May 10 and November 13, 2023, and submit the meeting conclusions to the board of directors on May 11 and November 14.

Organization Chart

Job Description

1. Draw up the corporate sustainable operation strategy, institution or relevant administrative policy, and censor the CSR.
2. Plan and guide the sustainable proposal to comply with regulation and international standard.
3. Draw up the specific direction and goal of sustainable development.
4. Draw up the annual working plan and each resource of sustainable development, and view the result.
5. Inspect the immediacy and accuracy of the sustainable related information disclose.
6. Other material information the competent authority enacted.

The member of the committee

MemberTitleNameProfessional qualifications and experience
ModeratorChairmanChu, Fu-ChuanBusiness judgment, business management, crisis management, industry knowledge, international market outlook, leadership and decision-making ability
Committee memberIndependent

Su, Yu-HuiAccounting and financial analysis, crisis management, international market outlook and corporate governance
Committee memberIndependent

Wen, Miao-XinAccounting and financial analysis, crisis management and international market outlook
Committee memberIndependent

Zhan, Xin-YiAccounting and Financial Analysis, Operation Judgment, Operation Management, Crisis Management
Committee memberPresidentTsai, Neng-ChiBusiness strategy, product planning, technology development