Products and Services

Ennoconn Group, a global provider of manufacturing solutions, introduces enterprise-wide Digital Transformation solutions and “Digitalization as a Service” by utilizing this new and strategic relationship with Google Cloud Platform, Glass, Meet, and Workspace.

Google Cloud, Google Glass, Google Meet, and Google Workspace enable Ennoconn to integrate, package, and productize manufacturing services with digital management production tools and visibility from their design-chain to supply-chain to manufacturing floor assembly, integration, testing, and packaging.

digitalization as a service

“Digitalization as a Service” is a customer-facing deliverable based around Ennoconn’s new cloud-based AIoT, Digital Transformation–bundled products, services, and solutions.

  • Ennoconn will productize “Digitalization as a Service” into our client services portfolio.
    • Clients can better manage their consumption and utilization of cloud services.
    • Clients can drive greater revenue-generating levels, leveraging Ennoconn cloud services.

google cloud platForm (GCP) integration

Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Ennoconn integrates, packages, and offers client-integrated solutions around GCP as our preferred global cloud service partner. Ennoconn transforms ODM services for clients utilizing Google cloud services, providing IT/OT convergence, cloud & AI, 5G, and AIoT integrated solutions.

  • Full engagement – Digital Transformation includes:
    • AIoT platform
    • Cloud, software, hardware intelligence platform
    • Organizational optimization
    • Resource integration.

leveraging GCP Cloud services technology

Ennoconn leverages GCP cloud services technology to transform our manufacturing systems to create next-gen products, services, and industrial manufacturing methods across the key core vertical industries that Ennoconn continues to focus on.

Ennoconn’s Digital Transformation strategy provides line of sight for Ennoconn’s supply chain management team and manufacturers.

  • Increased visibility into demand, design chain, product selection, product life cycle, and longevity are dramatically increased with the implementation of these cloud-based tools.
  • We collect and analyze pertinent information from customers during the manufacturing and design process using this powerful cloud-based data analytics technology.
  • The integration of cloud services and solutions allow Ennoconn to manufacture products in a more sustainable way.
  • Cloud services and solutions enable us to effectively bundle more advanced platforms and intelligent devices for key core customers in our focus markets, including smart city, smart manufacturing, smart retail, financial services, and media & entertainment.

A Strategic Partnership

Ennoconn and Google cloud services in a strategic partnership enable:

  • The operational advancement and innovation of manufacturing processes and supply chain control, and ultimately world-class product and support solutions for customers.
  • The leveraging of Google’s infrastructure, platform and expertise to advance Ennoconn’s existing DMS workflow and develop new cloud-based products, services and solutions.
A Strategic Partnership

Ennoconn’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) bundled solutions

  • Enable customers to migrate to digital on competitive pricing plans hosted by Ennoconn;
  • Include reliability hosting, cloud storage, compute engine, AI integration, and other Google Cloud Platform (GCP)-bundled featured solutions;
  • Integrate with one of the largest networks in the world and transform how customers connect and collaborate;
  • Are most secure, flexible, and cost-effective, ensuring customers little to no downtime;
  • Allow Ennoconn customers to run apps on the cleanest cloud in the industry, develop new apps and experiences faster, and enable smarter decision making across your organization.


  • Ennoconn integrates Google Workspace into products and solutions including authorized reseller opportunities for Google Workspace and other Google related products.
  • Workspace expands the relationship and rounds out the fully integrated digital transformation products and services strategy.
  • Ennoconn and Google Workspace provide intelligent solutions that make working together easier, faster, and more efficient.
  • Introduce flexible collaboration to your team. Present to hundreds, watch reactions, and answer questions in real time.
  • Edit and track changes automatically—no email required.
  • Transform direct messages and group chats into video calls for spontaneous quick sync.
  • Online discussion platforms make it easy to connect with anyone, breaking down organizational barriers.
  • Ennoconn and Google Meet allow for clients to meet safely and on any device, and using any modern web browser—no software to install.
    • Encrypted in transit—and our array of safety measures are continuously updated for added protection.
    • Present business proposals, collaborate on team assignments, or just have a meeting up face to face.
    • Livestream meetings to 100,000 viewers within their domain.
  • Google Glass Enterprise Edition becomes a fully integrated technology for internal consumption in and around the Ennoconn Design for Manufacturing processes and services. In parallel, Ennoconn productizes and offers Google Glass in a variety of new manufacturing or ODM product solution agreements.
    • Ennoconn and Google Glass intuitively fit into your workflow. Stay focused and remain engaged and focused; collaborate in real time.
    • Activate the right application for you at any time.
    • Improve accuracy, and get the job done safely and quickly.
    • Access training videos, images, or quality assurance checklists.
    • Connect with coworkers in an instant, bringing expertise; see what you see through videostream.
    • Collaborate and troubleshoot in real time.
    • DMS / SI – Ennoconn, delivers world-class Industrial IoT and Embedded Technology, with a global footprint of business solutions and capabilities around traditional DMS (Design and Manufacturing Solutions) /SI (System Integration) & IT (Information Technology) Services. Ennoconn delivers these solutions to partners and customers in high-growth markets, including, Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail, Smart Financial and Media & Entertainment.
    • Digital Transformation / DaaS – Ennoconn’s Digital Transformation and ‘DaaS’ strategy integrates and delivers manufacturing systems with emerging technology solutions addressing revolutionary demand in cloud data storage, machine learning / AIoT / 5G / Cloud IoT Integration across all internal design, manufacturing, supply chain platforms and disciplines.
    • Ennoconn Group, a global provider of manufacturing solutions, introduces enterprise-wide digital transformation solutions and “Digitalization as a Service” by utilizing this new and strategic relationship with Google Cloud Platform, Glass, Meet and Workspace.