Intel® Intelligent Systems

The knowledge and experience of Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance members provide a compelling competitive advantage to OEMs looking for superior solutions for their embedded applications. Associate members like Ennoconn collaborate closely with Intel, aligning their technical roadmaps and programs, and optimizing development in sync with Intel platform releases. They participate in training, education, market development, and other ecosystem activities that help them deliver top solutions based on the latest Intel architecture, as well as expand the market for embedded intelligent systems based on Intel products.

Google Cloud

Ennoconn Group and Google Cloud Partner to Digitally Transform Its Global Open AI-Of-Things Cloud Platform. The Ennoconn Group and Google Cloud have agreed to a strategic collaboration aimed at transforming Ennoconn’s manufacturing systems and creating new products, services, and industrial manufacturing methods for its international customer base in core industries, including smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart retail, financial services, and media & entertainment, among others.


Ennoconn and Google Meet allow for clients to meet safely and on any device, any modern web browser — no software to install.

  • Encrypted in transit, our array of safety measures is continuously updated for added protection
  • Present business proposals collaborate on chemistry assignments or just catch up face to face
  • Live stream meetings to 100,000 viewers within their domain


Google Glass Enterprise Edition becomes a fully integrated technology for internal consumption in and around the Ennoconn Design for Manufacturing processes and services. In parallel, Ennoconn productizes and offers Google Glass in a variety of new manufacturing or ODM product solution bundles.

Ennoconn and Google Glass intuitively fit into your workflow. Stay focused and remain engaged and focused, collaborate in real-time. Ennoconn is a leading value-add provider of Google Glass. From device and technology SI management, we are dedicated and committed to providing full comprehensive Google Glass solutions and architecture.

  • Activate the right application for you at any time
  • Improve accuracy, get the job done, safely, quickly
  • Access training videos, images, or quality assurance checklists
  • Connect with coworkers in an instant, bringing expertise, see what you see through live video stream
  • Collaborate and troubleshoot in real-time


Ennoconn integrates Google Workspace into products and solutions including authorized reseller opportunities for Google Workspace products. Workspace expands the relationship and rounds out the fully integrated Digital Transformation products and services strategy. 

Ennoconn and Google Workspace provide intelligent solutions that make working together easier, faster, and more efficient. 

  • Making flexible collaboration work for your team
  • Present to hundreds, watch reactions, answer questions in real-time
  • Edit and track changes automatically — no email required
  • Transform direct messages and group chats into video calls for a spontaneous quick sync
  • Online discussion platforms make it easy to connect with anyone, breaking down organizational barriers


Ennoconn Industrial motherboard, POS (point of sale/service) device and kiosk capabilities include MediaTek chipset in a variety of cloud-based computing designs and technology applications. This capability is rooted to a long-term strategic relationship that includes design level, sales and marketing resources and championed from an executive level.  

Ennoconn and VIA Technologies strategic partnership combines Ennoconn-centric manufacturing capabilities in hardware and DMS services and VIA’s capability in developing embedded OS solutions used in the application around edge to cloud computing as well as a variety of AI use cases and applications.

This strategic partnership allows Ennoconn to promote, market, design, build and deliver MediaTek’s SoC solutions based on 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and other advanced wireless communication technologies as well as VIA’s embedded OS solutions to its development of mobile embedded computing devices.

Please bring your AI + IoT applications to Ennoconn for a seamless co- development partnership with MediaTek and VIA that cover a wide range of products and capabilities targeting Smart retail, Smart Financial, Smart City, Smart manufacturing and Media and Entertainment.