Smart Manufacturing

Ennoconn leverages Google Cloud Services technology to allow you to manufacture next-gen products across core vertical industries. In parallel, Ennoconn’s Digital Transformation solutions provide line-of-sight for your supply chain management teams. Visibility into demand, design chain, product selection, product life cycle, and longevity is dramatically improved with the implementation of these cloud-based tools. Ennoconn systems collect and analyze pertinent manufacturing and design data using analytics technology, which empowers you to manufacture products sustainably. 

Design and Engineering

Ennoconn’s partnership with Google opens the doors to unlimited, customizable product designs and development options. Customized cloud-based CAD software grants engineers unprecedented flexibility. No more square pegs in round holes. Ennoconn’s strategic alliance programmer network builds your enterprise tools to your exact specifications. When needs change, your software changes with you through online requests.

Supply Chain

Monitor your supply chain in real time, reducing errors and waste and increasing profitability and efficiency. IoT monitors embedded in packaging and shipping containers measure temperature, vibration, moisture, and more, to detect and reverse adverse conditions before product damage can occur. AI applied to historical and current data from weather systems, traffic, and port closures senses or predicts delays and routes goods for maximum efficiency.


Sensors, machine-to-machine communications, AI, and augmented machine–human interfaces drive improvements through real-time operational data and intelligent insights. As IoT machines learn through AI algorithms, dependence on human operators diminishes. Ennoconn IoT plant machinery remains adaptable and highly customizable and is retooled to build products that constantly adapt to your fast-changing customer desires.

Predictive Maintenance

In legacy plants, repair to equipment happens when it breaks down, resulting in expensive downtime. In Smart Manufacturing driven by Ennoconn and Google technology, data is constantly gathered through smart sensors, predictive reporting is run, and maintenance is scheduled before downtime can occur.

Testing and Quality Control

Ennoconn’s strategic alliances offer solutions in embedded computer systems and industrial automation. Smart factories increase product quality, improve safety, and lower production costs in manufacturing. Embedded products are specially designed with industrial-grade components to ensure long product life cycles and are capable of working in wide temperature ranges under harsh factory conditions.