Audit Committee

Ennoconn established an Audit Committee in March 2013. The Audit Committee shall perform the following duties and responsibilities, and submit its recommendations to the Board of Directors for discussion.

  1. To establish or amend the internal control system in accordance with Article 14-1 of the Securities and Exchange Act.
  2. Assessment of the effectiveness of the internal control system.
  3. To establish or amend the provisions of Article 36-1 of the Securities and Exchange Act to acquire or dispose of assets, engage in derivative transactions, lend funds to others, endorse or provide funds to others.
  4. Procedures for handling significant financial business actions under assurance.
  5. Matters involving the director’s own interests.
  6. Significant asset or derivative transactions.
  7. Lending, endorsing or providing guarantees for significant funds.
  8. The raising, issuance or private placement of securities of an equity nature.
  9. Appointment, termination or compensation of certified public accountants.
  10. The appointment or removal of the head of finance, accounting or internal auditing.
  11. Annual financial report and semi-annual financial report.
  12. Other significant matters as required by the Company or the competent authorities.

Committee Member Profile

ChairSu, Yu-Hui PhD in Business Administration, National Taiwan University
Professor, Department of Accounting, Soochow University
Adjunct Professor, Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University
Director, Taiwan Accounting Association
Member Wen, Miao-Xin Former Vice President of
Citibank Financial Markets and Securities Services
Member Zhan, Xin-Yi Independent Director of Aimler Automobile
Electric Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Huanghui Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Junchang Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Jianlian
Investment Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Shuoren Lixin Co., Ltd.
Chairman of WeihanMaterial Technology Co., Ltd.
Director of Lianxing
Information (Stock) Co., Ltd.
Director of Taiwan Benli Social Business Co., Ltd.
Member Tu, Huang-HsuGeneral Manager of Pan German Universal Motors Ltd.