Corporate Governance Operations

Head of Corporate Governance

On August 11, 2022, the Board of Directors appointed Philip Chou as the Head of Corporate Governance. His responsibilities include:
1.Convening and conducting board meetings and shareholders’ meetings in accordance with the law.
2.Supervising the preparation of resolutions of board meetings and shareholders’ meetings.
3.Arrange the courses for directors, and assist those who got elected by previous general meeting in acceding the company’s Director.
4.Providing information necessary for directors and the Audit Committee to perform their duties.
5.Assist the Directors in complying the law.
6.Report to the Board of Directors the results of its review on whether the qualifications of independent directors comply with relevant laws and regulations at the time of nomination, election and during their tenure.
7.Handle matters related to the change of directors.
8.Other matters stipulated in the company’s articles of association or contract, etc.

Continuing Education/Training of Head of Corporate Governance

The Officer of Corporate Governance is required by law to take at least 18 hours of training within one year from the date of assuming this position. The Officer of Corporate Governance of the company took office on August 22, 2022,The details of his training are listed in the table below.

Continuing Education/Training in 2023

Training InstituteCourseDateHour
Taiwan Stock Exchange2022 Reference Guidelines for Independent Directors and Audit Committees of Listed Companies to Exercise Their Powers2022/09/293
Securities and Futures Institute2022 Annual Insider Trading Prevention Promotion Conference2022/10/143
Securities and Futures InstituteFacts of Breach of Trust by Directors and Supervisors and Special Breach of Trust2023/02/153
Securities and Futures InstituteEarly Warning and Type Analysis of Enterprise Financial Crisis2023/02/173
Securities and Futures InstituteSupply Chain Information Security Threat Hunting - Opportunities for New Ventures in Taiwan2023/06/293
Securities and Futures InstituteAnalysis of Common Violations of the Securities Exchange Law2023/07/213
Securities and Futures InstituteLegal compliance with insider equity transactions in 20232023/11/153