Learning Development

Training & Development

Versatile Learning Venues

Consistent learning is one of the core values of Ennoconn Corporation. We encourage a learning environment and regularly hold internal sharing courses to provide another venue for learning and experience sharing. According to the related regulations, we hold courses such as internal auditor, fire-fighting manager, level A occupational safety and health affair manager, emergency rescue personnel and others.

Newcomer Training

Besides enabling newly recruited colleagues to get familiar with the operations of different departments and the rules of Ennoconn Corporation, it also conveys the business idea and direction of the company so that all colleagues can work towards common goals and ideas with integrity.

Internal Training

Include courses such as professional skills, management, general knowledge, English, sales, product planning, R&D skills, ISO training and others.

Expatriate Training

Take part in work-related external courses, such as seminars, technological forums and other on-the-job training courses.