Ennoconn Corporation (Taiwan Exchange / 6414.TW) is a global leader in integrated cloud management services, Industrial IoT, and embedded technology. In 2007, Ennoconn became a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group, headquartered in New Taipei City.

Ennoconn Group, a global technology solutions provider, delivers world-class Industrial IoT and Embedded Technology, Design Manufacturing Services, IT and System Integration Services into high-growth markets, including Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail, Financial Services, and Media and Entertainment.

With a commitment to Digital Transformation, Ennoconn’s “Digitalization as a Service” strategy integrates and delivers manufacturing systems with emerging technology solutions that address the revolutionary demand in cloud data storage, machine learning / AIoT / 5G / Cloud IoT Integration. We deliver Digital Transformation strategies across all internal design, manufacturing, and supply chain platforms and disciplines.


Ennoconn empowers you with bold vision and real solutions.
Lead the way to a Smart World.


Leverage the Metaverse and facilitate relationships between business owners and suppliers.
Ennoconn takes the top three production strategies most companies implement to the next level:


Ennoconn leadership is committed to the continuous integration of IoT platforms and devices and the race to a complete “Digital Transformation” model as Ennoconn leads the World in “Industrial Metaverse” implementation and culture transition. The Digital Transformation wave has set off accelerated changes in the global industry. Ennoconn’s Cloud Services are ideally aligned to support and drive all future Smart Finance and Smart Retail platforms and applications.


In 2007, Foxconn Technology Group, the World’s largest “Electronic Manufacturing Service” company, became the majority shareholder of Ennoconn Group. Together, the relationship brings:

  • Strong strategic global alliances
  • World class embedded system integration, DMS services capabilities
  • Reliable and scalable delivery of ODM products to our customers, domestic and international.


Ennoconn’s Industrial Metaverse transformation enables the development of new cloud-based AIoT products, services and solutions. Aligning this new capability with the new demands and manufacturing capabilities in our World-Class Budapest, Hungary facility, Ennoconn can fully implement best-in-class Cloud Solutions around manufacturing processes for our global clients and partner demand as well as promote significant add-on business and revenue opportunities for our customers in a variety of “Smart” focus markets.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Ennoconn integrates, packages and offers clients integrated solutions around Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as our preferred global cloud service partner. Ennoconn transforms ODM services for clients utilizing Google Cloud services. Providing IT/OT Convergence, Cloud & AI, 5G, and AIoT integrated solutions.

Full Engagement – Digital Transformation includes:

  • AIoT Platform
  • Cloud, Software, Hardware Intelligence Platform
  • Organizational Optimization
  • Resource Integration.

Google Cloud, Google Glass, Google Meet and Google Workspace enables Ennoconn to integrate, package, productize manufacturing services with digital management production tools and visibility from their design-chain to supply-chain to manufacturing floor assembly, integration, test and packaging.


Customers demand personalized products and fast delivery, but legacy systems can’t adapt quickly to growing consumer desires. Ennoconn offers turnkey solutions custom-built for your enterprise. Don’t let your competitors beat you to the Metaverse age.

Ennoconn Group introduces enterprise-wide Digital Transformation solutions and “Digitalization as a Service” by utilizing this new and strategic relationship with Google Cloud Platform, Glass, Meet, and Workspace. “Digitalization as a Service” is a cloud-based AIoT Digital Transformation bundle. Ennoconn will productize “Digitalization as a Service” for your business so you will realize far greater revenue.