Benefit and Welfare

Ennoconn announced joining ‘2024 TALENT, in Taiwan’, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Development Alliance.

Employees are the most important partners in sustainable development. We are committed to creating a diverse, equity, and inclusive work environment, aiming to grow and develop together with our employees. Embracing talent, we can do even better!

Talent sustainability has always been a goal we value. In order to create a healthier and safer workplace, we officially announce Ennoconn’s joining of the “2024 TALENT, in Taiwan,” Taiwan
Talent Sustainability Development Alliance.

Generous Incentive Awards

Ennoconn has established the “Employee Remuneration Measures”, employees’ salaries according to the education, experience and their personal potential. We provide festival bonuses include Mid-Autumn Bonus, Dragon Boat Bonus and year-end bonuses. In addition, we provide performance bonus and employees’ compensation according to the overall business conditions and employees’ personal performance in order to retain outstanding talent.

Group insurance plans that surpass industry standard

In addition to statutory labor insurance and health insurance, employees also enjoy a comprehensive insurance system including life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, and occupational hazard insurance, all with group coverage. Furthermore, there are special insurance plans available for employees’ dependents, providing both employees and their families with more extensive and comprehensive protection.

Labor Retirement Reserve Fund

  1. For the years of service before the application of the Labor Standards Act, the retirement benefits shall be calculated according to the regulations applicable at that time. In the absence of applicable regulations, the calculation will be based on the provisions set by the company or negotiated between the employer and the employee.
  2. For the years of service under the retirement pension system stipulated by the Labor Standards Act (Old Labor Pension System), the retirement benefit is as follows:
    1. Two bases are given for each full year of service rendered. But for the rest of the years over 15 years, one base is given for each full year of service rendered. The total number of bases shall be no more than 45. The Length of service is calculated as half year when it is less than six months and as one year when it is more than six months
    2. According to Article 31, Paragraph 2, an additional 20% on top of the amount calculated according to the preceding subparagraph shall be given to workers forced to retire due to mental disorders or physical disabilities incurred from the execution of their duties.
    3. The retirement pension base as specified in the first paragraph shall be one month’s average wage of the worker at the time when his or her retirement is approved
    4. The retirement benefits shall be paid within thirty days from the employee’s retirement date. If the company is unable to make a lump sum payment, it may be paid in installments upon approval by the competent authority.
  3. For employees subject to the retirement pension system specified in the Labor Pension Act (New Labor Pension System), the company shall contribute 6% of their monthly salary to the individual retirement pension account of the employee.

Health Examination Subsidiary

Cooperating with large hospitals or health examination centers, we provide employees with annual free health examination project. We care for the health of all working partners and keep a close eye on their physical and mental health at all time.

Welfare Committee

It provides discount on designated stores, all sorts of ticket purchasing discounts, and providing bonus such as marriage cash gift, fertility allowance, inpatient / funeral consolation money and birthday cash gift. There are also versatile club activities, such as Yoga Club, Badminton Club, Basketball Club and others. At the same time, there are also table tennis, pool, shooting machine, darts, fitness equipment, foosball and many other activities to provide colleagues with versatile stress-relieving means.

Considerate Welfare

We provide all sorts of free overtime working dinners so that colleagues do not have to worry what to eat for dinner. The free fresh ground coffee machine allows colleagues to re-vitalize their confused mind with just one button! If you are tired working, there are also fitness equipment available for you to exercise ~ Professional massagers are also available! In addition, we also take care of new mothers by providing them with a safe and comfortable breast-feeding room and environment.

Many events are held by Ennoconn annually, including versatile theme activities, spring banquet lottery, family day events and others. These versatile events not only satisfy the different needs of employees, but also enabled them to hit the balance work and life, making everyone healthy and energetic.

Fluid Communication Channel

Upholding the concept of “labor-management integrity”, we annually hold labor-management meetings to establish a fluid communication channel and maintain good labor relationship. There are also regular monthly employee meetings to announce company business conditions and interact with them to build a stable and friendly working environment

Stresses Employee Safety

We have fire-fighting managers that carry out fire-fighting examination and building public safety examination regularly. In addition to that, we also have labor safety managers that are responsible for the planning, implementation and assessment of safety and health management operations, to carry out and achieve safety and health management goals. We also carry out labor safety lectures, fire-fighting drills and health examination to our employees.

Ennoconn Implement fire extinguishing, notification and evacuation training. Set fire management personnel and implement fire marshalling training plan and fire safety declaration inspection.

1.The fire marshalling training plan is held regularly in June and December each year, the fire marshalling training plan has been completed on 2023/06/28.

2.The fire safety inspection report is carried out from March to May every year, the fire safety inspection has been completed in May 2023.

Ennoconn set up occupational safety and health management personnel to be responsible for the planning, implementation and review of occupational safety and health management, so as to implement and achieve safety and health management goals. Implement safety and health publicity for employees, safety and health education and training for new employees and current employees, improvement of working environment and employee health promotion.

1.Work Environment Assessment every year.

2.All new employees receive education training on their duty day,current employees receive 3 hours education training every three years. 3.Health Promotion Lecture quarterly.