RMA Warranty

RMA/DOA Service

All defectives returned to Ennoconn must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned exclusively by Ennoconn and approved by RMA team in advance.


1. Please confirm with your Sales window for warranty information concerning your product.

2. Except for Ennoconn boards and systems, all other products not manufactured by Ennoconn follow the warranty policy of the original manufacturer.

3. Products are considered as DOA (Dead on Arrival) must be reported within the first 60 days from shipping date. After 60 days, all defective products, under warranty or out of warranty, should be returned as regular RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

Warranty exclusion

1. The product has been defective after expiry of the warranty period.

2. The products were damaged during transportation or from misuse, alteration, or unauthorized repair.

3. Specifications were changed by the customer without permission and not approved with Ennoconn.

Repair exclusion for out of warranty products

1. If the component was phased out for out of warranty, defective boards will be returned to the customer without any repair or freight charge.

2. Defective boards will be returned to the customer and customers will be charged freight if Ennoconn cannot complete a repair task.

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