EMS Services


Ennoconn EMS model (Electronic Manufacturing Services) operates with vertical integrated one-stop shopping business model

EMS Overview
Ennoconn EMS is committed to providing reliable, high-quality products to all our valued customers. As a member of Foxconn, the world’s largest EMS, Ennoconn operates with a vertical integrated one-stop shopping business model by integrating design, mechanical, electrical, optical, and services capabilities altogether. We save your money and valuable time to meet your critical needs.

Design – Manufacture - Services


Ennoconn provides competitive design and engineering solutions.
Ennoconn is recognized in the industry for having a strong design and engineering background. We constantly evaluate our designs to improve cost savings and reliability.

Being a member of world’s largest EMS provider Foxconn Technology Group, Ennoconn covers solutions ranging from moldings, tooling, mechanical parts, components, modules, system assembly, design, manufacturing, maintenance, and logistics. We have achieved the greatest economies of scale. Combined with our vertical capabilities with supply chain leverage, innovative technologies, equipment, and supply chain management, we work to reduce your costs, save your time, and help you comply with environmental legislation standards, such as RoHS and WEEE, ultimately improving your profits.

Ennoconn services provides the design and manufacturing service for interactive client applications, from electronic and mechanical engineering to system integration with state-of-the-art validation engineering capability. Ennoconn provides quick response time from design and manufacturing to the final product shipment. Post-sale services are never neglected. We provide a single point of contact and accountability for all your end-to-end post-delivery services.

Leverages Foxconn's Manufacturing Facility
Ennoconn leverage Foxconn's powerful manufacturing capability to provide the customer with Speed, Quality, Engineering Services, Flexibility, and Monetary Cost Saving.
Foxconn's competitive advantages stem from the award-winning EMS business model and an unique culture. By defining itself as a service company rather than a manufacturing concern, Foxconn devotes itself to customers' long-term success and pride in our hardworking culture.

Ennoconn Commitment
Ennoconn is committed in providing reliable, high-quality products to all our customers. We are aggressively innovating to deliver reliable and quality products. Through this philosophy of commitment and innovation, Ennoconn and Foxconn is a union, providing the highest value, best service, and best competency regarding computing solutions for our valuable clients.

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