OpenVINO Smart Retail

In order to improve the core technology development capability of edge computing, vertical market expansion strategy , Ennoconn has invested in technology innovation in the face recognition field and also participate in the Intel IoT Solution Summit: AI Edge Computing + Vertical Industry Application Solution, Intel Product Technology Summit, and many other industry forums.


Intel IoT Executive Summit & IoT Product Technology Summit

Intel IoT Solution Day


Integrating OpenVINO with AIO POS and KIOSK system, and using Ennoconn Smart POS and Kiosk AI SDK, for realizing practical applications with OpenVINO Technology.

Getting Started guide

# 1“Ennoconn Intel OpenVINO AI Kiosk”


Demonstrate the product unboxing, setup, and configuration.

# 2” Ennoconn AI Inference Smart Kiosk HW Setup Guide”


Performance benchmarking for offering benchmarking reports.

# 3”Ennoconn ADE-6082_Intel CPU vs. GPU vs. VPU Accelerated by OpenVINO”


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