Social Contribution

Ennoconn has always been devoted to the philosophy of using whatever you gain from society for the good of society. While pursuing enterprise growth, Ennoconn spares no effort in its contribute to society. In addition to the activities of public welfare groups, it also provides employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups in society. The company also established a social enterprise responsibility team. From 2016, Ennoconn plans to participate in social welfare activities every quarter, such as clean beaches, social services, etc. In the near future, it will actively promote industry-university cooperation, provide professional training opportunities for students in cooperative schools, train the ability to cultivate strong professional in the workplace, and cultivate future talents in the high-tech industry.


Social Welfare

In 2015, Ennoconn invited the Yangming Taiko team to participate in the opening ceremony of the annual Spring Festival celebration. The Taipei city Yangming Home is the only public physical and mental disorder accommodation and training institution in Taipei. Most of the students are only at the age of child or little child. The desire and enjoyment of music is always on the music rhythm course. Or twisting, or clapping, or knocking on items, always seeing the expression of satisfaction and laughter, and discovering that the music stabilizes the mood of the students, so the Taiko team was established to satisfy the inner mind of the students. The melody of the notes is to expand the connotation of life. Ennoconn set the stage to for a touching musical performance.

Industry-University Cooperation

In 2015, Ennoconn participated in the industry-university cooperation and promoting the “Dual System of Vocational Training Project". In the next four years, the company will be training students to become talents with both academic and practical experience, enhance the interaction between schools and enterprises, and improve find employment opportunities after graduation. Make industry's needs are met with talent cultivation and jointly promotes internship cooperation teaching and practical training.

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