Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance

The knowledge and experience of Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance members provide a compelling competitive advantage to OEMs looking for superior solutions for their embedded applications. The Alliance ecosystem program offers four tiers of membership. From highest to lowest, they are: Premier, Associate, Affiliate, and General. The higher the tier, the more closely the member is aligned with Intel. Through these tiers, members offer increasing levels of performance, scalability, manageability, security, and connectivity based on Intel® products. Each ascending tier also participates in more joint market development efforts, including programs Alliance members create, as well as Intel's campaigns to seed the marketplace with new products for OEM customers.

Associate Members
Associate members collaborate closely with Intel, aligning their technical roadmaps and programs, and optimizing development in sync with Intel platform releases. They participate in training, education, market development, and other ecosystem activities that help them deliver top solutions based on the latest Intel architecture, as well as expand the market for embedded intelligent systems based on Intel products.

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