Corporate Sustainability

Ennoconn has always been upholding the philosophy of what you gain from society and contribute back for the good of society. Ennoconn continued to invest in corporate social responsibility and established Corporate Sustainability Committee.

The Corporate Sustainability Committee has six functional branches: Employee welfare, Risk Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Management, Environment, and Human Rights & Social Responsibility. 

The Committee is responsible for all Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability within Ennoconn. The Committee coordinates company-wide corporate social responsibility and formulates the directions and objectives of Corporate Sustainability development. It will report results and plans to the Board of Directors on the regular.


Committee Functions

Committee Function
Corporate Sustainability 1.In charge of the company's corporate governance and ensuring the correct application of all committees.
2. Formulates the direction and goals of all committees, also review the regulation.
3. Collaborate and communicate with other departments, integrate related regulations and policies of relevant departments from other departments.
4. Effectively guarantee transparency, improves implement the company’s internal control system, provide feedback to stakeholders on how their interests and issues.
5. Report results and plans to the Board of Directors on the regular
Employee welfare 1. Create equity and fairness of employee compensation, benefits, hiring and promotion in workplace.
2. Provide every employee with comprehensive and well-developed education and training, including workplace safety training.
3. Offer friendly and safe workplace, appropriate working hours, protect gender equality in right-to-work.
4. Improve employee health.
5. Employees' recognition of the company, open and transparent employee communication channels , labor and capital communication
Risk Management 1. Operation and financial risks management assessments, regularly hold shareholders' meeting and investor conference to effectively guarantee transparency.
2. Ennoconn has established sustainable business operations and risk assessment for operation-related regulations for each risk factor.
3. Hazard risk management and control.
Customer Relationship Management 1. Maintain the good relationship with the customers, improve service quality and customer satisfaction
2. Quality control
3. Protect customer interests and relevant trade secrets.
Supplier Management 1. Secure long-term partnership with vendors for quality, protective environment, cost leadership, delivery, service/response, and sustainability emphasize continuously evolving supply chain
2. Formulate supplier evaluation, supply chain risk management.
3. Supplier Complaints Policy
Human Rights & Social Responsibility 1. Elaborate the plan of CSR activities and goals.
2. Stimulate company-wide social responsibility and outside communication, convened and participate in public welfare activities.
3. Institute a human rights-compliant environment, deter and eliminate illegal in the workplace.
Environment 1. Promote company-wide environmental, safety and sanitation
2. Encourage company-wide green process.

CSR Risk Evaluations

Ennoconn evaluates risks of related issues in environment, society, and corporate governance according to the significance priciple of CSR, and formulates risk management policies or strategies for assessed risks as follows.


Key Matters

Risk Evaluation Items

Policies or Strategies of Risk Management 


Environment protection and Ecological conservation

Ennoconn devotes itself to environment protection, formulates waste management methods, and effectively reduces the impact of daily operations on the environment through PDCA management control,

Ennoconn implements energy-saving and carbon-reducing measures to reduce the impact of disposing waste on the earth environment through resource recycle and the pomotion of green action in general affairs.


Labor and Occupational safety

Ennoconn cares about each employee. So we formulates the "Occupational Safety and Health Code of Work" to maintain the safety and hygiene of workplace and to ensure the safety of employees lives and property. In addition, we continuously raise colleagues' awareness of danger in workplace and factories. We try to create a safe workplace culture so that every colleague can work safely in a relieved workplace.

Furthermore, we have cooperated with some health management centers. Employees are able to have regular health check every year.

Society Client rights and Product safety With regard to the client rights, Ennoconn provides product liability insurance for products sold to protect client rights. We also setup a communication channel on our website to communicate with stakeholders directly.
Corporate Governance Compliance Ennoconn has set up a corporate governance unit to regularly review and revise corporate governance code as well as related measures. We even set up management procedures for preventing insider transactions to standardize internal procedures of significant confidential information. Besides, we strengthens advocation of the restriction of using undisclosed information on market to profit from trading the company's securities. Related measures are implemented by internal control system.

IT Security Management


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Ennoconn IT Security Risk Management

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